MKD-56 Type 03

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MKD-56 Type 03


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Introducing the MKD-56 (TYPE 03) Cyber War Parka

MKD56T03 Red Variant.

Molded with 3 layers of inner cloth, with high quality sublimated prints on all sides of its armor, comes with an adjustable strap on both waist.

This collaboration project is referenced and inspired from the original Green Midnight Kids Pullover by Kings Must Rise (Copyright © 2017 Kings Must Rise) and is heavily influenced in this revision by 5060 (Copyright © 2017 Machine 56). All recreation of KMR artwork has been approved. The new version (MKD-56) of Kings Must Rise's signature pullover is a collaboration effort from both the M-56 division and the KMR Collective. MKD-56 Parka Jacket designed solely by Machine 56 and manufactured in Indonesia.

Model is 170cm tall, wearing Medium size


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