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we dont recommend anyone who are interested to buy this artwork for real motorcycle usage. Please keep in mind that this is a "wearable" art. We don't take any responsible for any action that you do with this Item.


All units will be shipped on 23 December 2023

⚠️Eligible only for 1 person per helmet unit⚠️

Revised variant upgrade of the 2020 M56-HE/G1-F
M56 helmet.

2023 M56 OG Black on White Berserker variant helmet art.
Prepainted, heavy coated graphics, multi layers resin fibre.

All Helmet arts will be forever not be reproduced once it is sold out, Only 60 sets were made worldwide.

included in the Box :

- 1 Authentic HE/MKX2-G2/F

- 1 Head cover [Black]

- 1 Custom helmet bust v1.0 display.

- Machine56 Signed.

- 1 Certificate of authenticity card (owner's exclusive)

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