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we dont recommend anyone who are interested to buy this artwork for real motorcycle usage. please keep in mind that this is a "wearable" art. we dont take any responsible for any action that you do with this Item.

MKX-C79 is a super limited run wearable art by Machine56,
gold themed edition of the MKX-C2 . 5 of 5 world wide release. once its gone, its gone for good.

included in the exclusive Gift Box :

- 1 Authentic MKX-C79 1:1 scale wearable art.

- 1 Custom helmet stand.

- 1 tshirt pack

- 1 gift box of Limited edition M56 canvas prints (signed)

- 1 pack of 5060 random Goodies.

- 1 A5 size limited prints.

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